David Brock’s mission to boost Hillary Clinton and smear non-leftist sources of news ( Excellent article!!)

Extensive and important article on the liberal fascism of Media Matters and the Fascist State of Hillary. If you care, you should read this….

k4ynl48pvo1dcolkThe Hillary campaign has begun as the NYT tries to bury Benghazi once again, the cover-up, the propaganda machinery and all the puffery of the full delusion machinery of the left and the corporate state will be orchestrating the coronation symphony for her until the music is deafening. All for a woman who may actually be one of the most insidious agents of evil alive on this entire planet. The Ministry of Truth well be burning the midnight oils from now until November 2016. Be prepared to be sickened. 

media-politics-media-propoganda-obama-politics-1350444397Conservatism is a disease in need of eradication, according to Media Matters for America (MMfA), a decade-old pretended media watchdog that focuses on a unicorn known as “conservative misinformation.” Of course, those few conservatives who actually work in the liberal-dominated media are not infallible. A bona fide media watchdog that monitpig-hillary-clinton-34510ored the Right and kept reporters and pundits honest might contribute something of value to society, but that’s not what Media Matters is about.

MMfA’s primary mission at the moment is protecting Hillary Clinton, who is expected eventually to announce her 2016 presidential run. The electoral wipeout of Democrats coast-to-coast in the November congressional elections may free up MMfA’s resources to focus on getting Mrs. Clinton past the finish line. Clinton bragged in 2007 that she helped create what she called “a lot of the new progressive infrastructure,” including Media Matters. The group was founded in spring 2004, in time for the presidential election campaign. It was initially funded by $2 million in contributions that radical philanthropist George Soros and former Clinton White House chief of staff John Podesta helped raise.

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via David Brock’s mission to boost Hillary Clinton and smear non-leftist sources of news and comme.

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