David Cameron faces Tory ‘bloodbath’ over ‘unfair’ cash for Scotland – Telegraph (One more article on Scotland, but it will be over soon)

Of course, as all governments lie, and politicians such as David Cameron, like Barack Obama, lie more than most–almost always, how brain dead and compliant can the Scots possibly be? Do they really believe all the bull and promises being thrown at them at the last minute by Her Majesties Government?  We will know with the luxury of hindsight.


David Cameron faces a “bloodbath” at the hands of Tory MPs after all three parties pledged to continue high levels of funding for Scotland if it rejects independence.

The Prime Minister is facing mounting dissent among English backbenchers after promising that Scotland’s special funding arrangements will continue even when the country is given control over its own taxation and spending.

One Tory MP said the promise to Scottish voters, issued by Mr Cameron, Ed Miliband and Nick Clegg in the Daily Record newspaper, “smacks of desperation”.

Under the Barnett formula, devised in the 1970s by Labour Treasury minister Lord Barnett, spending is allocated according to population size, rather than the amount each country actually needs.

Critics say this gives Scotland an unfair share of government spending and even Lord Barnett has called for it to be replaced.

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via David Cameron faces Tory ‘bloodbath’ over ‘unfair’ cash for Scotland – Telegraph.

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