Democrat Senator Implies GOP Racist – John McCain EXPLODES on Senate Floor! – Eagle Rising

Racism is a tool for division and diversion: we are going to see a significant further rise in racial tensions over the next several years–to which the government will respond to with increase control, regulatory suppression and a further expansion in the architecture and power of the already dangerous American Police State. Internal strife and fear is the lifeblood of authoritarian rule.

On Wednesday Senator Dick Durbin, a liberal Illinois Democrat and the 2nd in command among the Democrat leadership, spent some time deriding the GOP and insinuating that they were racists. Durbin was complaining about how long Loretta Lynch, President Obama’s nominee to Attorney General, had been waiting around to be confirmed when he threw a rhetorical grenade at the GOP. While excoriating the GOP for not holding a vote to confirm Lynch sooner (something we’ll talk about), Durbin likened Lynch’s wait for confirmation to being forced to sit on the back of the bus!

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Democrat Senator Implies GOP Racist – John McCain EXPLODES on Senate Floor! – Eagle Rising.

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