“Disparate Impact”—Key Lie In Our Ruling Class Ideology, by John Derbyshire – The Unz Review. –Will You Take The Time? I Doubt It.

“I saw the revolutionary destruction of society as the one and only solution,” said Lukacs. “A worldwide overturning of values cannot take place without the annihilation of the old values and the creation of new ones by the revolutionaries.

—Georg Lukacs, Hungarian Communist

And what is “PC”? The tag itself, I have come to realize, creates a linguistic cul-de-sac where we just park our brains. “PC” is, gosh, “PC.” We look no further. Sure, the acronym “PC”—“political correctness”—conveys the idea that something is phony, forced, and ideologically, not logically, inspired, but it doesn’t advertise its bona fide totalitarian provenance in the language of ideology, which, once accepted, once internalized, draws an individual into that ideological pact with the devil in which reasoning powers are lost. In other words, “PC” is just another label for Big Lies—little lies, too. It describes the systematic suppression of fact that advances and sustains the ideology of the State and its barricades in academia, media, and other cultural outposts. Big and Bigger Brother.

American Betrayal: The Secret Assault on Our Nation’s Character, Diana West

This is an excellent article that should, in a sea of sickening cultural Marxist and elite manipulated PC drivel make you even just a tad more frustrated. We are up against entrenched forces that have been building their fortifications around what is left of our rationality and civilization for many generations. It is hard to imagine us ever breaking out.

• January 20, 2020

“Restorative justice” is the name of a trendy, feminized approach to dealing with misbehavior, not just in schools but in any kind of institutionalized setting—courts and prisons, for example. The main idea: instead of the misbehaving person being slapped with some penalty, they sit around in a group with their victim, witnesses to the misbehavior, authority figures, and psychologists, and everyone talks at length about their feelings (wo wo wo feelings).

The usefulness of “restorative justice” has not stood up to rigorous research [The promise of ‘restorative justice’ starts to falter under rigorous research,. by Jill Barshay, Hechinger Report, May 6, 2019] And by comparison with traditional punitive approaches it wastes enormous amounts of everyone’s time. But Progressives love it anyway.

Disparate Impact Theory is a key principle in our ruling ideology. It has the authority of, for example, the U.S. Supreme Court [U.S. Supreme Court Upholds Fair Housing Disparate Impact Principle, National Low Income Housing Coalition, June 29, 2015]. You might think that these disproportions could possibly be caused by Sun People actually jaywalking, turnstile-jumping, or acting up in class more than Ice People.

But if you do think that, you’d be wise to keep quiet about it. That’s crimethink.

Here’s an article Heather posted last September: False Testimony | Sworn statements at a recent congressional hearing on policing veered sharply from the truth: here are the facts, September 26, 2019. The House Judiciary Committee had held a hearing on the policing of black neighborhoods. Heather has written a book with the title Are Cops Racist? So, reasonably enough, she was invited to address the Committee, one of the two witnesses called by the Republican minority on the Committee.

It was the penultimate paragraph of Heather’s article that got my attention::

The Republicans on the committee failed to push back against this narrative of systemic police bias … The only way to dislodge the “endemic racism” argument is to challenge its factual basis directly. I was the only witness at the hearing with the ability to do so, but the Republicans asked me not one question. This is not a matter of personal ego but rather of the public battle of ideas.

That, it seems to me, goes right to the heart of the utter uselessness of the Republican Party. In what Heather calls “the public battle of ideas,” when hostilities get anywhere near the subject of race, Republicans throw down their weapons and scamper from the field as fast as they can scamper.

What gutless cowards Republicans are!

Read>>> “Disparate Impact”—Key Lie In Our Ruling Class Ideology, by John Derbyshire – The Unz Review

The anti-police narrative depends on the suppression of facts, and the duplicity of anti-cop forces reached a shameless new low at a congressional hearing last week. Committee members should sanction the false testimony, given under oath, publicly correct the record. The House Judiciary Committee, now controlled by Democrats, had called a hearing to address a “series of deaths of unarmed African-American men while in police custody” as well as the “mistrust between police and marginalized communities.”

Throughout the four-hour session, a photo array of blacks killed by the police played continuously on video screens around the room, interspersed with statistics allegedly proving that the police harbor lethal racist bias. Committee chairman Jerry Nadler claimed in his opening remarks that the “frequency of these killings and the absence of full accountability for those responsible send a message to members of the African-American community that Black Lives Do Not Matter.”

Nadler invoked the deaths of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri, and Freddie Gray in Baltimore, as examples of“police misconduct against African-Americans,” though Barack Obama’s JusticeDepartment found no misconduct in the first case, and criminal charges against the Freddie Gray officers were dismissed either before or after trial.

Minutes before the hearing was scheduled to begin, Al Sharpton escorted Gwen Carr, the mother of Eric Garner, to the witness table, surrounded by a mob of photographers. Garner had tragically died of a heart attack after New York police department officers tried to arrest him for selling loose cigarettes in July 2014; Garner resisted arrest and one of the officers used a chokehold to take him down. Garner’srepeated last words—“I can’t breathe”—became an international rallying cry against police brutality.

Carr gave impassioned testimony denouncing the lack of consequences for the police “murder” of her son: after five years of the federal and local investigation, the officer who used the fatal chokehold was fired, but no prosecutions or other actions in the case have taken place. Carr left the witness table after her remarks to sit in the spectator section, but she remained a frequent reference point for the Democratic argument that the police devalue minority lives.

Read>>>False Testimony

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