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Women represent a tad over 10% of the American prison population. This is inherently unfair. Equality of outcome should result in millions of more women being incarcerated. It is only fair is not? According to feminist theory, there can be no equality of opportunity without equality of outcome. So be it.

But, we are told today that all women are honest; all women are victims; all women must be believed, believed regardless of the lack of evidence; all women must be believed even when the evidence actually indicates firmly that it is they who are lying; it is they who are the criminals accusing the innocent. The criminal justice system, designed by predominately white men clearly is biased, and all incarcerated women are innocent of all charges. Obvious, is it not?

Due process? Due process does not exist in a patriarchal system of male power and entitlement, for ALL men, whether they realize it or not seek to dominate, abuse and control All women and All men are inherently guilty of any offense, any crime if their accuser is a woman. And God (only white Republicans would do that!) help any accused man who is white and over the age of 40!

If we do not abort (freedom of choice over our bodies!) the system of indoctrination and brainwashing that was put in place by the Fabian communists and secular humanist, progressive socialist fascists over the past 100 years, soon American white men will find themselves afraid to emerge from the re-education camps these leftists and cultural Marxists have placed them within forever.

The time to fight against the insidious insanity virus so deeply implanted in our society is now. First America, then the world. Or, perhaps we should just open our women’s prisons as no woman could ever be guilty of murder, of fraud, of larceny, of stealing or, God forbid, making false accusations in front of the law or of Congress.

The feminist theory underlying the Duluth Model is that men use violence within relationships to exercise power and control. This is illustrated by the “Power and Control Wheel,” a graphic typically displayed as a poster in participating locations.[5][6] According to the Duluth Model, “women and children are vulnerable to violence because of their unequal social, economic, and political status in society.”[7] Treatment of abusive men is focused on re-education, as “we do not see men’s violence against women as stemming from individual pathology, but rather from a socially reinforced sense of entitlement.” (Wikipedia)

Hellen Pence has written,

“By determining that the need or desire for power was the motivating force behind battering, we created a conceptual framework that, in fact, did not fit the lived experience of many of the men and women we were working with. The DAIP staff […] remained undaunted by the difference in our theory and the actual experiences of those we were working with […] It was the cases themselves that created the chink in each of our theoretical suits of armor. Speaking for myself, I found that many of the men I interviewed did not seem to articulate a desire for power over their partner. Although I relentlessly took every opportunity to point out to men in the groups that they were so motivated and merely in denial, the fact that few men ever articulated such a desire went unnoticed by me and many of my coworkers. Eventually, we realized that we were finding what we had already predetermined to find.”      (This is known as confirmation bias)

Women Incarcerated US Population

Female Host Slams Idea Women Should Be Unconditionally Believed, Crowd Boos Her

WATCH: Female Host Slams Idea Women Should Be Unconditionally Believed, Crowd Boos Her

Source: WATCH: Female Host Slams Idea Women Should Be Unconditionally Believed, Crowd Boos Her – True PunditTrue Pundit

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