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Of course Eric Holder, when given the opportunity, had to bring up the old “when did you stop beating your wife” race card once again…which is beyond sickening. The man is up to his eyes in the cesspool of corruption, lies and coverups that he and the criminal gang that is the Obama administration are solely responsible for and it is the “racial animus” of the republican opposition that he blames for this? Yes, we want to take our country back, but if he thinks this is a race based desire than he is living back in another time, perhaps even another planet.incompetence-eric-holder-race-card-politics-1324671935

Eric Holder, the US attorney general, has accused some of the Obama administration’s conservative opponents of being motivated by “racial animus”, suggesting that both he and President Obama are treated differently because they are black.

In unusually candid terms, Holder said that visceral criticism – including calls for impeachment of both the president and Holder, and Tea Party warnings about the direction of the country – were in part racially motivated. “There’s a certain level of vehemence, it seems 5bf317a25b3c380e97ffcd9025fd80c6deecc20c_zps55144250to me, that’s directed at me [and] directed at the president. You know, people talking about taking their country back.”

He added: “There’s a certain racial component to this for some people. I don’t think this is the thing that is a main driver, but for some there’s a racial animus.”

Holder made his comments in a wide-ranging interview with ABC News. Though he did not name any particular individual or group for such racially motivated hostility, he did talk about Sarah Palin, the Republican vice-presidential candidate in 2008 and a Tea Party favourite, who has called for Obama to be impeached. “She wasn’t a particularly good vice-presidential candidate. She’s an even worse judge of who ought to be impeached and why,” he said.

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