FBI preparing for Waco-style armed raid in Oregon… ??

If the goal of our government is to sow dissention amongst the American people in order to fragment any opposition to the coming suppression of all dissent, it would be very logical to assume that FBI & ATF will assault these folks. The deaths of a few agents and protesters, when manipulated by the media, would certainly enhance The Obama’s crocodile tears over his gun death speech.

FBI preparing for Waco-style armed raid in Oregon… local schools taken over by feds as staging areas for weapons stockpiling in preparation for massive assault?

FBI preparing for Waco-style armed raid in Oregon local schools taken over by feds as staging areas 

The Waco siege ended with a blaze that killed 76 people including two pregnant women and over 20 children. Despite the removal of several agents and the FBI Director, Waco was the start of another siege, that against armed citizens that gather to protest, even with words, even in private, the unconstitutional policies of the increasingly dis-United States of America.

We werent brainwashed Waco cult survivor claims in new memoir that Branch Davidian leader David Koresh

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