Follow the money: How Shadow Inc, the Iowa caucus app company, is tied to George Soros–This Monster Has His Slimy, Uriah Heep Hands In Every Dark Corner Of American Power.

This Satanic monster is doing everything in his power to destroy America and all of Western Civilization. He must be stopped, arrested and thrown into the hell from which he crawled. Soros, his brood and the evil network of powerful globalist communist/fascists eugenicists, that all seek to rule over whatever is left of humanity when they are finished with us, are the puppet masters that most of the Washington elites still dance for.

One cannot survey the New Age, occult, Satanist, Wicca, and Hedonist phenomena all around us without recognizing that if these trends continue, the day will not be far off when occult forces will be able to make good on some of those claims. As G. K. Chesterton once observed, “If man will not believe in God, the danger is not that he will believe in nothing, but that he will believe in anything.”

—-Global Tyranny Step By Step – The United Nations and the Emerging New World Order

“Uh oh,” they’ll say. “Here comes another right-wing conspiracy about George Soros.”

In this case, “they” are the Democrats and their mainstream media puppets. As for this being a conspiracy theory, it’s not. It’s confirmed. George Soros, the billionaire behind so many radical progressive movements in America, was the largest donor to the National Democratic Redistricting Committee, a political nonprofit operated by President Obama’s initial Attorney General, Eric Holder. The NDRC provided the bulk of the funding to Pacronym, a super PAC bent on electing Democrats to office across the nation.

Follow the money: How Shadow Inc, the Iowa caucus app company, is tied to George Soros

Hedge Fund Billionaires Power New Democratic Super PAC

Who’s Behind Dems’ New $75 Million Ad Campaign?

This video by Dr. Steve Turley points out George Soros has been banned by 6 countries. I’m pretty sure it is more than that, as I’d seen some news story that Soros or his organizations had been ordered to leave India (not on his list) and in looking it up, found Macedonia had also kicked him out (also not on the list of 6), so I think it will be a longer list. Though he does say “officially banned” so the others might just be “kicked out” and not banned…

From the Video:


The President of the Philippines has said if Soros shows up, he’s headed for (implied firing squad or maybe just prison) a special place in hell. He stated that Soros was pushing the legalization of drugs and had crashed the southeast Asia economies via currency manipulations and such.

The Russia section points out a Russian law in support of the Russian culture and how the Open Society organizations are anti-church. They have a “Spiritual Security” law. Nice.

The assault on Religion from the OSF & Soros is likely also why Turkey and Pakistan gave them the boot.

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