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Anyone but Hillary!

I believe Trump will win the rust belt states of Michigan, Indiana, and Ohio. If so, Hillary will need a clean sweep of about every remaining state to win.

In the above map, if Trump wins Michigan as I project, all he needs to do is win North Carolina.

Suppose Trump does not win Michigan. Instead, give him North Carolina. In that case, either Virginia or Pennsylvania would put Trump over the top.

If Trump wins Pennsylvania and Ohio (not unlikely actually) I believe it’s pretty clear he will win.

In fact, if Trump carries those states, it’s likely he picks up other swing states moving towards an electoral landslide.

I purposely did not presume a miracle for Trump. I gave him leeway trade offs consistent with some things likely to break his way.

A Trump landslide is not impossible.

Grim Election Map for Trump Fox Analyst vs RCP vs Mish

Source: Grim Election Map for Trump? Fox Analyst vs. RCP vs. Mish | MishTalk

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