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Interesting, like in the old Kremlinology days of the Soviet Union, it is very likely one must truly dig for the meaning of this rather radical shift in military purpose. Either retreat of the Empire, an inevitability that many still refuse to try and understand that is out there regardless of what puppet sits in the big chair in the Oval Office. Or, an anticipation of a future that we can only hazard to guess at. 

WASHINGTON — After two days of US Army top leadership extolling the virtues of putting US boots on the ground across Asia-Pacific to train and advise allies, both old and new, Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel on Wednesday suggested a new Army mission at the annual AUSA convention: a coastal defense force.

In a speech to a military and industry audience that mostly shied away from program specifics, the secretary suggested the Army should try and “broaden its role by leveraging its current suite of long-range precision-guided missiles, rockets, artillery and air defense systems.”

Hagel said these capabilities “would provide multiple benefits, such as hardening the defenses of US installations; enabling greater mobility of Navy Aegis destroyers and other joint force assets; and helping ensure the free flow of commerce.”

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via Hagel Devises New Mission for Army: Coastal Defense Force | Defense News | defensenews.com.

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