Hillary Clinton: A Threat to All Humanity. – 38 Days to Death, Tyranny, the End of American Soveriegnty or Revolution and Freedom

Well, I am finally recovering from my damn total hip replacement surgery, something I would not wish on most, except for Hillary, particularly so, if it were accompanied by a total and complete brain removal as well. Everything over the past two weeks has accelerated according to the expected model.  I will have more on this later, but the unfolding events in America and around the globe are right out of the last chapters of the play called the End Of America and The Rule of Tyranny. If you don’t get it by now, it is likely you never will, even when the boot heels of the Police State are kicking you in the face.  

War is coming (this is so damn obvious, you have to be blind, lobotomized, brainwashed or all three not to see this–everything is right out of the tried and true propaganda methods refined from the Maine on that have so consistently worked in the past. Why change the formula now?

Massive civil unrest is coming.  

A major false flag domestic terrorist attack is coming (bigger than 9/11)  

Hillary is likely to collapse just prior to November 8th or immediately following her totally fraudulent election.

COG will be implemented and thus, Martial Law.

Dissidents will be rounded up for national secutiry reasons, but reasons,  at this point, will no longer be required

There is so little time left, so very little time.

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