How Trump Loses the Election. Chaos and Anarchy are Coming & Soon. There Is So Much Going On That Most Cannot Fathom It All!

2020 will be viewed in the rearview mirror of history as one of the most turbulent and significant turning points in human history, if not “the” most. There is a convergence of trends, some new and many of multi-year duration that have been arriving at this moment in time with increasing and dangerous acceleration. The resulting explosion will change the face of humanity, our institutions, and civilization will emerge, eventually, from this new era of punctuated equilibrium significantly changed. Unfortunately, such evolutionary change under intense pressures will be an experience almost all of the world’s population will find more than disruptive; billions will likely not survive the transition.  Here is a very brief summary of these trends: 

1. The long term trend is one that we mere humans can do absolutely nothing to stop, for the power of astrophysics, of the cycles of our Sun and Earth, overwhelm all of our scientific capabilities. What we can and will potentially violently address, however, is the crimes committed by our globalist ruling elites, crimes against humanity that will very likely lead to the unnecessary death of billions of unprepared human beings. The Anthropogenic Global Warming Fraud (AGWF) will soon be shown for what it is.  It is a total fabrication of an elite hell-bent on taxing, controlling, and ultimately enslaving the populations of the world under a totalitarian centralized administrative state ruled, of course, by themselves and their technocratic bureaucrat minions.

The reality is, and they have known this all along. Reality is the exact opposite of the absurd propaganda-driven lies. Our planet has already entered a period of solar magnetic quiescence, which, combined with the dangerously accelerating weakening of our magnetic field, will result in a magnification of the cycle beyond anything experienced in thousands of years. The magnetic poles are now shifting rapidly and may very likely be presaging a partial or complete magnetic pole flip, which is tens of thousands of years overdue. The end result of these solar system dynamics will be a mini-ice age at least of the magnitude of the Maunder Minimum, which in the mid 17th century resulted in mass starvation around the globe and socioeconomic and geopolitical turbulence. It also led to the significant outbreaks of the plague and other devastating diseases and viral infections that further decimated the world’s populations. 

When reality overwhelms the elite’s fraud, the people facing the effects of being unprepared will turn our anger on those that created and propagated this massive misallocation of our resources and left us all exposed to the collapse of agriculture and other directly correlated events. Just go back and do your research on the societal and civilizational impact of the Maunder Minumum. This GSM is likely to prove worse as our magnetic field has weakened will over 20% since that era.

2. Another modestly long cycle is coming into play in the 2020s described in Straus and Howes 1997 classic, The Fourth Turning. Where the authors analyzed the historical and sociological impacts of generational cycles as each generation responds to the cultural, political, economic, and social norms of those immediately preceding it. As the wrote, “History is seasonal, and winter is coming. Like nature’s winter, the saecular winter can come early or late. A Fourth Turning can be long and difficult, brief but severe, or (perhaps) mild. But, like winter, it cannot be averted. It must come in its turn.” They forecast a “fourth turning” for the 2020’s back in 1997 when their book was published, but before that in other publications.

This “turning” historically led to dangerous, many times major, disruptions, wars, both civil and international, and religious upheavals. Civilizations have fallen during this cycle. It is no coincidence that we have entered this phase of generational conflict as all of the other trends I am discussing are converging. These are not coincidences.

3. The entire central bank manipulated fiat system is more fragile than at any time in its sordid history. Our crony capitalist finance capitalist edifice built on a giant Ponzi scheme; another elite created fraud, designed by financiers for the benefit of financiers. It was designed as well to ultimately fail and the original creators and those that inherited their mantle knew this from the very start. It is a game of musical chairs. One in which with each intentional cycle of speculation and debt collapse, the elites in control of the world’s financial capital are the only ones left and with their enormous wealth and the power that this garners expected to be fully in control of all of the world by now.

Utilizing their wealth, primarily through their tax-free foundations and the NGOs they controlled, such as the UN, the WEF, and many others, they took control of all of the primary tools necessary for an overwhelming campaign of propaganda and indoctrination. This started way back in the early 1900s when the Rockefeller and Carnegie families and their respective foundations laid out their plans to take over the American and European educational systems, a task they have clearly completed.

In addition to controlling all of the significant media and supposedly objective institutions such as the United Nations, the World Health Organisation, and others, these all became nothing more than the globalist power elites propaganda mouthpieces. All used for furthering their agenda to assume total control over the world in one centralized technocratic administrative state or more simply put a world government ruled by the uber-rich, the corporate conglomerates and their Deep State administrative toadies.  It was presumed that they would be in greater control by now, an authority they know they would need as the proverbial shit hits the fan from the convergence of so many disruptive trends. They have been puffing the system with debt and fiat currency that has ballooned the financial markets into levels of absurdity not touched since, perhaps 1929 or even the Dutch tulip bulb mania prior to its inevitable collapse in 1637. All of the concurrent trends make the ability to inflate financial markets and sustain the Potemkin village economies of the world all but impossible. Destruction is coming, coronavirus or not.

4. An ancillary trend to the waning of our Sun and Earth magnetic fields are is increased volcanic and seismic activity around the ring of fire and where the tectonic plates will be agitated by the increasing intergalactic cosmic rays that are already bombarding our planet. This is not just a correlation, and it is causation. Past grand solar minima witnessed significant volcanic eruptions, which exacerbated the cooling effect of the increased cloud coverings albedo effect significantly. The “Dark Ages” did not just get their name from the presumed and false notion of the collapse of knowledge and classical learning after the fall of the Western Roman Empire for literature, knowledge, and philosophy remained relatively robust in the Eastern Empire until the fall of Constantinople, although not nearly as high culture as during the peak years of Rome.

No, this moniker was not metaphorical. It was literally darker for many years, first from the giant eruption of Krakatoa in the years 535-536, which covered the earth in volcanic ash and sulfur dioxide, but also the increased cloud covering from cloud nucleation with the dramatic rise in cosmic rays darkened the skies for many years. This pattern has occurred during the subsequent GSMs. Just look at the paintings of the Dutch masters in the late 1600s or the works of the British greats like Constable during the Dalton Minimum in the late 1700s to early 1800s, all show dark, though gorgeously ominous cloud covering which was not poetic license, but was reality. The volcanic eruption of 1815 of Mount Tambora in Indonesia resulted in the “year without a summer” globally in 1816 and mass starvations.

Seismic activity will also pose seriously more significant risks over the next few years than at any time since the last major minimum. We all know that here in America, what might happen on our West Coast with the very real likelihood of a significant fault shift. It would be devastating. Also, a result of the crustal silicas excitation from cosmic rays, nut most are unaware of the devastation that would occur if the Tennesse/Mississippi New Madrid Fault zone shifts. It would not only destroy major cities and population centers but collapse America’s key bicoastal infrastructure.

5. It may not be a coincidence, but almost all of the major plagues that hit Europe and much of the world occurred during past Grand Solar Minimums.

6. Finally, and most importantly for the fate of America and the world in 2020, the real powers within the uber globalist elites that have been pulling the strings of what we now call the Deep State are beyond psychopathic, they are evil, Satanically so. They will not relinquish power to Trump or any other national populist party that is now hoping to achieve the impossible. These corrupt monsters will never slink quietly into the night, never. These Satanic elites are willing to take most of the world into the pits of hell with them in the fight that is now unfolding. 

Every one of these stated issues is coming to a head in 2020, though some of the physical manifestations may not be apparent for a few more years. However, awareness is growing. People are waking up this year to a reality that was denied them by the brainwashing and ubiquitous propaganda systems controlled by a now increasingly desperate elite. If the people of the world fail to revolt; if we allow the still relatively small zombified hordes of elite-controlled communists and violent anarchist, or the mindless ignorance of the armies of Greta Thunberg’s to prevail, the destiny of humankind will be one hundred times more bloody and tyrannical than most of our worst nightmares.  


(Natural News) In addition to the State of Washington now admitting to testing just 25 people for coronavirus while refusing to test 712 people who are high-risk possible carriers, the State of Florida is now concealing all testing numbers from the public, then lying about the reason why.

We have now entered the phase of pandemic secrecy where state governments are deliberately concealing the number of tests and infections in order to “pull a China” and pretend that coronavirus outbreaks aren’t happening in the United States. It is the clearest evidence yet that coronavirus outbreaks are happening in America and are being desperately covered up. (No story can be believed to be true until it is officially denied.)

According to the Tampa Bay Times, “state health officials say they can’t disclose how many people have been tested for the virus… state Surgeon General Scott Rivkees said the Florida Department of Health is not authorized to publish the number of people in the state being tested for the virus out of privacy concerns.”

HIDING THE OUTBREAK: Florida conceals a number of people tested for coronavirus, then stupidly lies about the reason why –

Over Two Dozen Westchester County Travelers Quarantined Over Coronavirus Concerns

The county emphasized that there is no reason for others to be concerned, as quarantine is used simply when people have been exposed to the illness. Isolation is used when someone is sick, possibly with the illness

More than two dozen travelers who have returned to Westchester County after spending time in places impacted by the novel coronavirus have been placed in quarantine, county officials said.

During a press conference Tuesday, Westchester County Executive George Latimer and Health Commissioner Sherlita Amler were among the officials who said that the Health Department was monitoring 26 individuals who all traveled to placed were cases of the illness, also known as COVID-19, have occurred.

All those individuals have been placed in voluntary quarantine, most of whom are in their homes.

Over Two Dozen Westchester County Travelers Quarantined Over Coronavirus Concerns – NBC New York


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