ICE Let 20,000 Criminals Go & 208 Committed Homicide: Criminal Conspiracy

This is a criminal conspiracy and as such, all those involved with it are criminally liable and should be prosecuted for the crimes that these Obama mandated released criminals commit upon American citizens.

ICE Let 20,000 Criminals Go & 208 Committed Homicide- Dick Morris

A new report from the Boston Globe shows that Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers may have lied to Congress and the public about the likelihood of criminal immigrants, who should have been deported, to re-commit violent crimes when released into the general population.

The Boston Globe reviewed the cases of immigrants who had been set free in New England from 2008-2012, rather than being deported to their native countries.

Of the 323 criminal immigrants tracked, 30 percent were found to re-commit violent crimes, “including rape, attempted murder and child molestation.”

-Gov Lied About Rate Criminal Immigrants Re-Commit Crimes

Source: ICE Let 20,000 Criminals Go & 208 Committed Homicide- Dick Morris TV: Lunch Alert! – at

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