IMF’s Lagarde urges US, others to reject ‘dystopian’ path

Understand this: The IMF and the other global fascistic institutions are desperate to regain control of the world not for the benefit of humanity, not even close. What the United Nations, IMF, World Bank, EU, and other corrupt bureaucratic organizations are interested in is managing the population to the benefit of the powerful elites that run them. They know what is coming and need to control all of the earth’s resources, from food to energy, prior to the coming Ice Age so it is they who decide how these resources are allocated.

Some nations are going to be decimated by the historical patterns of crop failures and extremes in weather that will cause serious adjustments in energy consumption, even the ability of some regions to ship and delivery these resources. Trump understands this, for becoming energy and food independent, as well as vertically integrated essential industries. It is not just about jobs, it is about making sure that critical industries are not reliant on critical parts being sourced in countries far away.

America is preparing for a different scenario than we are being told. We are preparing to be able to survive the chaos, mass agricultural failures and food scarcity that will result from the Grand Solar Minimum and the unfolding mini-ice age.

IMF’s Lagarde urges US, others to reject ‘dystopian’ path

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