In a Corporatist System of Government – 

Corporatism is Fascism–the fascism of those seeking to become more like Communist China, as they once did with Soviet Russia: it’s called convergence, the meeting in the middle of Communism and Capitalism. This idea, this goal has been a long-standing vision of the progressives and the Democratic Party since the times of FDR.

It was Obama’s vision to remake America, it would have been Hillary’s. It is the vision of the CFR, of the most prominent American endowments and has been for generations, as factually shown in the Congressional Records of the Dodd Commission hearings 1953.

It is most evidently the ideal socioeconomic and political of the tech giants in Silicon Valley who are already well along in the creation of the American version of China’s totalitarian “social’ scoring of every single citizen of the nation. They have been helping them build it. They have been helping them implement it, and as is clear from the recent Intercept article they are planning on implementing this tyranny in America if President Trump does not stop them. 

The ideological war abroad, or, more accurately, the anti-ideological war abroad—because, as Robert Conquest reminds us, the West, unlike the USSR, “did not have a universal and exclusively defined mindset”—was lost on all fronts in the battlespace at home: in the academy, in the media, in the popular culture, in the arts, and in the zeitgeist up and down Main Street and even, or perhaps especially, along capitalism’s main thoroughfare, Wall Street.

It was as if we opposed an enemy Over There without noticing that great chunks of his ideology had taken root, flourished, and borne collectivist and thus anti-American fruit Over Here.

===American Betrayal: The Secret Assault on Our Nation’s Character (West, Diana) 

The average person cannot comprehend far-reaching changes, nearly always for the worse that are taking place in other areas of the nation and the world as a conspiracy, let alone even begin to understand that they are part of a deliberately engineered plan to bring about severe dislocations and disruption, less still that these events do not occur by happenstance.

===The Conspirator’s Hierarchy: The Committee of 300 (Coleman, John)

In a Corporatist System of Government

Google Plans to Launch Censored Search Engine in China Leaked Documents Reveal

Source: In a Corporatist System of Government – LewRockwell

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