Is Next Step in War on Religious Liberty Inspection of Religious Schools? That’s Happening in the UK

 The answer is–YES, it will be, if we let it happen.

There is no doubt that the rights the First Amendment protects–freedom of speech and freedom of religion–are increasingly the most attacked.

Some of the most recent high profile cases have revolved around the ongoing attempts by the government via Obamacare to force religious groups to provide contraception coverage in their health plans and taxpayers to fund elective abortion coverage in theirs.

Not to be outdone, zealots for same-sex marriage and issues surrounding “gender identity laws” have been on the warpath too.

Last week, a couple in Idaho, both ordained ministers, were threatened with jail time and fines for refusing to perform a same-sex wedding ceremony.

In July in upstate New York, another couple was hit with a discrimination suit and stiff fines for declining to allow a lesbian couple to rent their family farm for their same-sex wedding.

And in Texas just this month, the mayor of Houston demanded pastors turn over any sermons related to “the topics of equal rights, civil rights, homosexuality, or gender identity.”  She backtracked just days later after a large public outcry to say pastors could keep their sermons but they would need to hand over any speeches and presentations they’ve given related to the Houston Equal Rights Ordinance–the law that kicked off the whole debate and is opposed by many pastors and others who believe it allows men to use women’s bathrooms and vice versa.

Is the next step for those who oppose religious liberty to try to inspect religious schools?

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