Joe Biden–Open Mouth, Take Foot Out and Stuff In a Large Rotten Potato!

‘Don’t believe our lying ears?’ Joe Biden: I didn’t REALLY mean what I said about SCOTUS noms…

These types of totally illogical statements boggle my limited mind! If you did not believe it when you said it back in 1992, you are saying you lied then and were totally disingenuous with the American people. If you were a liar then, what has changed Joe? Not much apparently!

Oh, Joe, poor Joe–history reaches out and puts another rotten potato in your mouth, along with your foot, of course! And, I suppose that the partisanship and divisiveness within America’s politics has become less than 1992? 

keep-on-truckin-buttonAs we told you last night, Joe Biden is trying to tell us that we’re taking out of context the video of him saying on the floor of the Senate in 1992 that President George H.W. Bush “should not name a nominee until after the November election is completed.

”Sorry, but that doesn’t fly. Especially since Biden told the Washington Post’s E.J. Dionne Jr. the exact same thing in 1992:Sen. Joseph R. Biden Jr. (D-Del.), chairman of the Judiciary Committee, has urged President Bush not to fill any vacancy that might open up on the Supreme Court until after the November election.Warning that any election-year nominee “would become a victim” of a “power struggle” over control of the Supreme Court, Biden said he would also urge the Senate not to hold hearings on a nomination if Bush decided to name someone.

Its not just the video More evidence that Joe Biden supported blocking SCOTUS nominees in an election


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