In Latest Front of the Phony War on Women, Critics of All-Female Ghostbusters Remake Are All Sexists

gag me with a spoonHillary Clinton will join the cast members of the new all-female Ghostbusters remake on the Ellen DeGeneres Show later this month.
DeGeneres revealed the news in a tweet early Tuesday morning:

ghostbusters2016With Hillary’s scorched earth march on Washington there will be no refuge from the attack of the killer vaginas this summer and that includes at the nation’s movie theaters. The big budget remake of the 1984 smash hit Ghostbusters will feature women in the lead roles previously played by Bill Murray, Dan Aykroyd, Harold Ramis and Ernie Hudson. Remakes typically suck out loud and it’s an interesting variation that meshes with the reality of the year of gender politics. The reboot of the classic as a chick flick has already resulted in much criticism – the official trailer had the dubious honor of being ranked as the most hated of all time on You Tube – and the feminists are swarming to blast those who have a problem with the flick as woman haters, misogynists and sexists. It is just the way that we roll in the era of forced diversity and the liberal crusade to stigmatize and censor any of those whose free speech that they disapprove of.

Not that any further proof is necessary that Mrs. Clinton has zero shame but her jumping aboard the Ghostbusters backlash wagon is pretty sleazy even for a diabolical bitch like her. She would have been better suited for an actual role in the movie – perhaps as the 2016 version of the Stay Puft marshmallow man lumbering through the streets of New York in her red, white and blue pantsuit.

Latest Front of the Phony War on Women Critics of All-Female Ghostbusters Remake Are All Sexists

Source: In Latest Front of the Phony War on Women, Critics of All-Female Ghostbusters Remake Are All Sexists

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