Leading Italian intellectual: “Shoot those bastard Zionists” – The Commentator

Get the sense the frogs are starting to leap out of the boiling water? As the chaos increases, so to will the cracks in the remaining facade of global civility.

Hitler_and_MussoliniFormer Italian member of the European Parliament, and leading “intellectual”, Gianni Vattimo has caused an explosion of anger in Italy, Israel and beyond for inciting the killing of Israelis and saying Israel was “worse than the Nazis”. “Shoot those bastard Zionists,” he screamed.

Speaking on Italy’s Radio 24, Vattimo said he would like to kill Israelis personally, but couldn’t because he didn’t know how to shoot. He said that Europeans should club together to get more arms to Hamas so that they could kill more of their opponents.

Hamas is a violent anti-Semitic terror group advocating the end of Israel and the genocide of the Jewish people.

According to Italy’s English language news outlet, The Local, the response from Italy’s Jewish community has been outrage:

“Rabbi Barbara Aiello, Italy’s first female rabbi, told The Local that “anti-Israeli sentiment is anti-semitism dressed up in fancy clothes”.

“Imagine if what is said about Jews was said about Italians. For example: ‘I don’t object to Italians I just don’t believe that Italy has a right to exist!”

Mass anti-Semitism has consumed much of Europe in response to Israel’s Operation Protective Edge against Hamas in Gaza. The French government recently condemned anti-Semitic outbursts surrounding the ongoing conflict.

via Leading Italian intellectual: “Shoot those bastard Zionists” – The Commentator.

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