Muslims Have Turned Stockholm Into A World Rape Capital-CNN Should Be Shut Down

The lies that pour forth from the mouths of CNN and the other FakeStream Media broadcasters, like sewage from a drainage pipe in Dhaka, is so beyond Orwellian it is clearly of the makings of some future, as of yet, unnamed dystopia. Anyone with half of a brain, perhaps even 1/8 of one, that has paid attention to news produced outside of the Big Brother control system of American corporate media and the cabal of evil that it servers, would be aware that Sweden is in a death spiral as it becomes hostage to Islamic hordes. Why not ask the wives of our elite to spend a nice evening walking down once safe streets, now terrorized by Muslim pigs. It is common knowledge that the governments of many of the major cities have demanded that the women of Sweden, citizens heirs for god only knows how many centuries, not to go out at night unescorted and in some cases not to go out at all. So what God Damn planet do these mouthpieces for the coming tyranny of the progressive fascist left lie on. And how brain dead and lobotomized are the American people that we allow the disgusting and incessant propaganda of the major media outlets to corrupt us with such lies and garbage that is now so standard?

The response to President Trumps words on the violence caused by Muslims, and only Muslims, in Sweden by CNN and their ilk is beyond corrupt it is poisonous, bordering on seditious.  If you remotely believe Muslims are a wonderful addition to America, watch all of these video’s. 

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