NC DENR to ask Hagan company for information & Jeanne Shaheen Conspired With Lois Lerner

Corruption is rotting America from the inside out. There has always been, and always will be pervasive corruption in government and those that comprise it in the permanent institutionalized bureaucratic class and the elected politicians who seek permanence as well the trappings of the egocentric self-reinforcing false sense of power and the media enhanced public democratic adulation that comes with a seat at the pig trough. Unfortunately, any semblance of civic virtue in this nation has been long decimated. There is now virtually no way to change the dynamics of the system, despite the over hyped delusional dynamics of the fiction of democratic processes that satiates the peoples brief, very brief, momentary desire for thinking they are in control. Thus America is like an accelerating decaying rusted car without brakes speeding towards a wall called tyranny and dictatorship. Crash and burn we will.

It is what comes next that will determine if the future for America is Orwellian or a renaissance of freedom and humanity. We cannot change this system at the polling booths, for most of us have become ignorant simpletons brainwashed and controlled by the institutions we think we independently seek to change. The future must be determined by those whose primary goals lay in seeking the truth, in understanding the nature of the beast, of the Leviathan, of the inherent evil in all forms of coercive government and bureaucratic institutions backed by threat.

“We the sheeple” must become, once again, “we the people.” This will never happen working within the corrupted institutional frameworks of the current order. The founders of this nation failed. They never thought that their wonderfully conceived system of government equilibrium could survive a nation comprised of such an ignorant, manipulated and docile people. America needed it’s Jeffersonian revolution decades ago.

Oh, pardon me, what time is the big game on this Sunday? 

North Carolina Secretary of Energy and Natural Resources John Skvarla on Monday asked his staff to seek more information about a 2010 energy grant from the company co-owned by the husband of Democratic U.S. Sen. Kay Hagan.

Skvarla’s request came in response to a memo from his staff. It involved a $250,644 grant to JDC Manufacturing, which is co-owned by Charles “Chip” Hagan III, and also involves work that Hagan’s son, Tilden, did installing solar panels for JDC under the grant.

The unsigned memo questioned whether the grant involved “self-dealing,” said DENR spokesman Drew Elliot, who drafted the Oct. 27 document with the department’s legal staff.

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Jeanne Shaheen Conspired With Lois Lerner | The Daily Caller

Democratic New Hampshire Sen. Jeanne Shaheen was principally involved in a plot with Lois Lerner and President Barack Obama’s political appointee at the IRS to lead a program of harassment against conservative nonprofit groups during the 2012 election, according to letters exclusively obtained by The Daily Caller.

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) did not want to publicly release 2012 correspondences exchanged between the IRS and Jeanne Shaheen at her personal Washington office: the agency delayed releasing the information to a major conservative super PAC multiple times, even threatening to see the super PAC in court, according to emails. (RELATED: Lois Lerner And Fellow IRS Official Announced Targeting At 2010 Conference Before Both Of Their Emails Went Missing)

“The IRS is aware of the current public interest in this issue,” IRS chief counsel William J. Wilkins, a White House visitor described by insiders as “The President’s Man at the IRS,” personally wrote in a hand-stamped memo to “Senator Shaheen” on official Department of the Treasury letterhead on April 25, 2012.

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via Jeanne Shaheen Conspired With Lois Lerner | The Daily Caller.

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