New Proposed Law To Jail “Anti-Vaxxers” & The CDC Fear Based Talking Points To Media Revealed! Those Who Question The Safety and Efficacy of Vaccines Are Being Shut Down. Hunted Next?

Big Biotech and Big Pharma alone have armies of ‘scientists’ lying for them and manipulated into the relevant departments of government to turn the lies into legislation or on to television screens to be promoted as ‘experts’ who turn lies into the public’s perception of the world they live in. The vast majority of scientists have nothing to do with exploring reality and big questions about human existence. Most spend their days earning the corporate dollar developing new toxic and health-destroying additives for food and drink; finding ways of turning every last entrail and animal leftover into something they claim to be ‘food’; inventing new diseases and conditions and then developing drugs and vaccines allegedly to treat them; justifying the ever-expanding use of drugs for spurious and ridiculous ‘psychological’ reasons, especially for children; and developing still more built-in-obsolescence technology like iPads and cell phones to part people from their money while adding further to our irradiated world.

                  ——-The Perception Deception – Part Two by David Icke

By Spiro Skouras

A controversial group currently in the crosshairs of the establishment, which was also discussed at Event 201, is known as the Anti-Vaccine Movement. And now we see the UK Government working on a new law to jail people who spread “Anti-Vaccine Propaganda” online. Currently, people are protected from prosecution if they sincerely believe the misinformation or propaganda is real, but the government is looking to reform this provision and make it a criminal offense to post anything online, particularly social media, which is deemed to be “Anti-Vaccine.”

Where does the CDC stand on this issue? Well, when we examine a CDC document published at the National Academies website, we see what they call, “A Recipe for Fostering Public Interest and High Vaccine Demand.”

The CDC document appears to contain outright talking points and a strategy to be carried out and propagated to the public via health officials and the media.

New Proposed Law To Jail “Anti-Vaxxers” & The CDC Fear Based Talking Points To Media Revealed!

Posting anti-vaccine propaganda on social media could become criminal offence, Law Commissioner says 

Source: New Proposed Law To Jail “Anti-Vaxxers” & The CDC Fear Based Talking Points To Media Revealed! – Activist Post

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