No one except Hillary Clinton knows how to use email–What an amazing pig! ( Yes, I do indeed, despise this devil in a pants suit!)

Hillary-Clinton-Pig-34510 (2)Yet again, Americans can rest reassured their government officials don’t really know how to use email. Or technology for that matter. Save for Hillary Clinton, of course.

This has been made more clear after revelations that former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton used her private email address,, during her tenure to conduct State Department business, bringing the topic of email and Internet security back into the national limelight.AP file photoTECH WHIZ:

Hillary Clinton apparently has the smarts to set up a home-based email server. Or, at least, think it was a good idea.It’s claimed Clinton hosted her own email server at home, a practice endorsed by privacy enthusiasts as one of the best ways to avoid the government snooping on your private emails. The irony being, of course, Clinton was one of the country’s most powerful government officials and using this practice.

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via No one except Hillary Clinton knows how to use email.

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