Norway: Merkel Muslim charged with 8 rapes ‘I needed some love’


Norway: Migrant Charged With 8 Rapes Says ‘ I was lonely I needed some love’ NDL News, Thursday, 18 August 2016 07:03   The man who is charged with eight rapes and attempted rape, told the court today that one of the reasons that he performed those acts was that he lost control.

A migrant from Iraq has been charged with 8 counts of rape and attempted rape.

Here he explains why he committed the offences:

– In 2005, I lost my family in Iraq. All were killed. When I returned to Norway after having buried them, I felt emptiness, explains the 38-year-old and continues:

– I felt I needed love, but I was unable to contact the girls properly. I lost control of myself, he says.

Even though he has admitted committing the offences he is pleading not guilty to any wrongdoing.

The man has been charged with the rape and abuse of eight women between 2007-2010.

Norway Merkel Muslim charged with 8 rapes I needed some love

Sweden Muslim Rape Wave Epidemic Keeps Escalating

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