NYC Mayor Says He Still Thinks ‘the World of’ Huma Abedin—and Anthony Weiner

A burnt pot calling the kettle black–end the era of American corruption. 

front7Coming from one of the more blatantly, if not stupidly corrupt mayors of New York City in many a year, one has to wonder how demented these people are. de Blasio should have already been prosecuted and sitting in his jail cell next to Hillary and Bill, and about a thousand other criminals of the Clinton extended mafia family attempting to subvert the American justice system, undermine the laws of this nation and committing treason against the citizens of the United States. Fema camps will have a use after all. 

Bill de Blasio offered words of sympathy to Anthony Weiner, his 2013 Democratic primary opponent, after Friday’s Hillary Clinton email furor.

Mayor Bill de Blasio still has a high opinion of his 2013 Democratic primary rival Anthony Weiner—a former Brooklyn congressman who faces a probe from the city’s Administration for Children’s services for snapping and sending a lewd photo featuring his five-old-son, federal allegations of sexting with a 15-year-old in North Carolina and who potentially upended the presidential race after Federal Bureau of Investigation agents discovered a trove of emails they deemed “pertinent” to their previously concluded investigation of Hillary Clinton’s email server.

                                                         Source: NYC Mayor Says He Still Thinks ‘the World of’ Huma Abedin—and Anthony Weiner




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