What Open Conflict In The US Might Look Like–We Are In The End Game

It is not a matter of what is true that counts, but a matter of what is perceived to be true  

–Henry Kissinger, 

The Ruling Class had sunk deep roots in America decades before 2008. Machiavelli compares serious political diseases to the Aetolian fevers—easy to treat early on when they are difficult to discern, but virtually untreatable by the time they become obvious.

America’s disease is all the more deadly for being bipartisan. Republican and Democratic office-holders and their retinues share a similar presumption to dominate, and show fewer differences in tastes, habits, opinions, and sources of income among one another than between both and the rest of the country. They think, look, and act as a class, almost a caste.

Differences between Bushes, Clintons, and Obamas are of degree, not kind.

==The Ruling Class: How They Corrupted America and What We Can Do About It (Codevilla, Angelo M.)

Just a scenario, unlikely, but possible, if not even plausible:

This is coming. This is coming soon. The corrupt and evil that rule America from New York City to Washington and throughout our major transnational corporations, will never, never give up power. They will never allow anyone in the White House that is not in their control. If it comes to it, Trump will be given an offer that he cannot refuse and take a fall through his usual channels with an unforgivable comment or, some other less clean method will be used.

Hillary Clinton is so tainted, with so much more to come to light over the coming weeks, by her long history of immoral, unethical, illegal and treasonous behaviors that even if elected fairly, which is doubtful, or by fraud, which is more likely, the country will be torn apart and the violence will lead to martial law, perhaps civil war. However, perhaps she never does make into the White House, perhaps her crimes become too blatant for Americans, even for the totally indoctrinated and brainwashed, to even show up at the polls. Unfortunately, this is unlikely.

There is another case I wish to propose and for which I will provide further materials of support in another post. It is a plot of what most will deem an outrageous impossibility.  It seems very likely that Hillary Clinton is gravely ill, so much so that she will either be deemed unfit to become President, or even potentially die, facilitated or natural, from whatever affliction it is that ails her. Either case occurring closely prior to the election, so close in fact, that there is not enough time to consider a viable replacement for our “democratic” process to be considered valid. What happens then?

It should be more than obvious that the deeply corrupt “establishment” will never allow Trump into the White House. The arrogance of the ruling elites, particularly evidenced by Obama and his entire administration’s increasingly very apparent oblivion to the consequences of their lies, even when they have been clearly refuted as absurd, is radiating a growing sense that they know something about the future that is not apparent to the ignorant and manipulated masses. Although growing like metastasizing cancer, the endemic corruption and total disregard for the rule of law is not just an Obama administration issue, it goes back through several Presidencies, at least to the first Bush’s if not to many prior.

In other words, the extent and pervasiveness of the disease encompasses so many of the leaders and the well-connected of both parties and includes senior members of the military, the CIA, and many of the senior functionaries of the key bureaucracies whose inner sanctums are filled with the like-minded and totally immoral elite controllers of the Hidden or Deep State. No matter how old or infirm from age, not one of the corrupt elite mafia will be willing to cede their privileges, or their crimes to the light of public display.

There will be no criminal prosecutions, no impugning of the false, fraudulent reputations that the power elites have crafted for themselves over their years. For many of the elites that occupy the heights of wealth and power in America, their crimes go so much deeper into sexual depravity, murder, treason and a total repudiation of all of the values Americans and Judeo-Christian morality upholds, that the transference of power to anyone immune to the siren songs of their corruption can not and will not ever occur.  

So what is the game plan? Why is Obama so smug and impudent, even beyond his normal extreme narcissism? The world is spinning out of control into the abyss of chaos. There is a state of close to martial law in France and now, Germany is on a similar path. The unforeseen events popping into the maelstrom of planned chaos are very likely resulting in an acceleration of the agenda of those seeking more absolute control. 

It bears to remember that the corrupted power elites do not control the world yet; they do not control the internet, Russia or China, they do not control the output of brave whistleblowers, though the murder of Seth Rich was designed to send a chilling message, they do not yet control all of the media, nor the minds of hundreds of millions of citizens of the West who will not willing give up their remaining freedoms. The failed coup in Turkey has opened up another venue that seems to be turning against the plotters intentions, as perhaps was the growing revulsion against the Eu by member states with BREXIT leading the way.

The growing peoples revolutions in America and Europe have clearly been underestimated by the ruling elites, though many seem to have become tamer from overwhelming propaganda, false flag events and masterful techniques of redirection and population control. So, let’s assume, even if not the most likely case, which is that Hillary, despite all of the blood and gore on her hands is elected, fairly or not, to the Presidency of the United States, that she is not able to assume her role from illness or overwhelming evidence of her crimes  that seep into the light of public scrutiny.

Is it possible that there will be a declaration of emergency powers to be assumed by Obama? What if all of this occurred in conjunction with a major escalation of global hostilities, perhaps a war with China or Russia? Then the answer will be given through actions to the conspiracy theorists questions concerning the massive arming of government agencies not usually so well provisioned over the past few years and the continued programs of militarizing the American police forces and the apparent goal of the administration of nationalising police departments across the nation.

Possible? Of course it is. We are in the end game of a very long, multigenerational process. Is it too late to reverse its course? I hope not, but believe it is too late.  

As Machiavelli wrote “serious political diseases (are similar) to the Aetolian fevers—easy to treat early on when they are difficult to discern, but virtually untreatable by the time they become obvious”

Democracy is a kind of civil war. Every two to four, or even six to eight years, different factions within a nation grapple for control of its mechanisms of power. Instead of bombs and bullets, the vector for this change in leadership comes from people’s hearts and minds. Depending on whether one has positive or negative view of democracy, that particular system either results in a peaceful leadership change without causalities, or one might say that it is a negative aspect of democracy that we’re forced to engage in such conflict at all.

For a time, this civil war has only consisted of votes and slogans, but now that tensions are growing in the West, we are beginning to see the first causalities: five police officers died in Dallas two weeks ago, while three more have been killed in Baton Rouge. The violence carried out mirrors the same inciting incidents of many revolutionaries and civil wars. It only takes a few fighters and a few casualties to spark the conflict itself.

We have felt the rumblings for a while now, but it is now widely felt that we are coming to a head in this particularly polarized election season. So what will happen in the coming weeks and months? And what will happen on the 9th of November?

We might just be passing the apex and quickly reaching terminal velocity. While it might have been unheard of years ago to suggest that open conflict will once again rage in the United States, the idea is now becoming more believable

But this potential open conflict will be nothing like the American Civil War. Most civil wars, rebellions, and wars of independence have, at least for us in the West, consisted of second generation warfare. We really have not seen such a war without muskets, cannons, and cavalry. We have not seen an internal struggle with unmanned drones and Abrams tanks, and certainly not with social media coordinating operatives.

Democracy is a kind of civil war. Every two to four, or even six to eight years, different factions within a nation grapple for control of its mechanisms of power. Instead of bombs and bullets, the vector for this change in leadership comes from people’s hearts and minds. Depending on whether one has positive or negative view of democracy, […]

What Open Conflict In The US Might Look Like

Source: What Open Conflict In The US Might Look Like – Social Matter

It can’t happen here? Why? The Rule of Law? Americans are genetically different than the people of other states that turned totalitarian? Why can’t it happen here? Why?

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