We Have No Idea What The Underlying Reality IS. However, I assure you it is more evil than anything you can imagine.

The Facts:There appears to be attempts from several sides of the spectrum to normalize pedophilia and bring social acceptance to pedophiles. Reflect On:Are the efforts to humanize pedophiles and bring more acceptance to pedophilia honest attempts to de-stigmatize innocent victims of this mental disorder, or is it part of a larger and much more sinister... View Article

Another Day, Another 124 Violent SWAT Raids ( Welcome to the Police State)

Sixty ATF agents invited television crews to film them while they raided the Oklahoma home of John Lawmaster. They had received a tip that Lawmaster had illegally converted one of his semiautomatic we

Ukrainian General Warns of ‘Large-Scale Aggression’ by Russia–( well deserved)

What we are told in the American mainlining press (propaganda of lies their heroin, the new “opiate of the people”) is so far from the truth about what is happening in the Ukraine, if we a

The Rutherford Institute :: What I Don’t Like About Life in the American Police State

“A patriot must always be ready to defend his country against his government.”―Edward Abbey, American author There’s a lot to love about America and its people: their pioneering spirit, their

Robert J. Shiller believes that recent warnings that asset prices are rising dangerously fast may be correct. – Project Syndicate

NEW HAVEN – In recent months, concern has intensified among the world’s financial experts and news media that overheated asset markets – real estate, equities, and long-term bonds – could lead

The US Is Far Too Big, and Far Too Centralized –

“A wise and frugal Government, which shall restrain men from injuring one another,” Thomas Jefferson famously declared in his first inaugural address in 1801, “shall leave them otherwise fre

The Return To Normalcy – Even The Supply Of Greater Fools Is Limited | Zero Hedge

I think sometimes, with the stock market doing its best imitation of the Energizer bunny, we forget just how extraordinary are the times in which we live. We’ve been lulled to sleep by the relentles

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