Gates & UN Control It All! Billions in Taxpayer Dollars–The Corruption Driven By Greed, Power & The Globalist Agenda Knows No Bounds

Corey’s work is an extraordinary in-depth research on hundreds of billions of dollars, many of them American tax dollars that are at play supporting the plans of the uber elites and the corrupt and evil monsters that seek to control the world and everything the lives upon it.  Long, but genuinely revealing of the true... View Article

What if white America just said ‘no’?

JESSE LEE PETERSON As I watch the racial unrest in Ferguson, Missouri, I can’t help but compare the behavior of blacks in that city to that of spoiled rotten children. Blacks have been rioting and f

The Rutherford Institute : Turning America Into a War Zone, Where ‘We the People’ Are the Enemy

Do not underestimate the pervasive destruction of your rights as a citizen of America, it is far worse than most of us imagine. We hear of the visible events, only the ones that somehow catch the eye

Outrageous!! CDC whistleblower’s secret letter to Gerberding released by Natural News as mainstream media desperately censors explosive story

CNN posts an article on this outrage with the new information from the “cdc whistleblower” for one day, and then it is gone. There has been zero mention, none on any mainstream news site.

New Orleans Middle Schoolers Are Beating the Shit Out of Artists and Gays | VICE United States

This a very ugly story in an increasingly ugly America, an America without morality adrift in a turbulent sea of progressive, de-constructivist politically correct and ethically surreal relativity whe

Obama’s Iraqi mission impossible | The Sunday Times

Excellent read from the London Sunday Times–truly astounding what sits in the White House, when he is not playing golf that is. Hostage rescue raid came too late: The president waited nearly a m

Appalling: WH ignored US general, snubbed Margaret Thatcher, sends 3 reps to Michael Brown’s funeral – BizPac Review

Sickening—Been frozen, apologize for the deluge of material and commentary about to hit…all of which are not particularly uplifting. President Obama will send three White House officials M

Bill O’Reilly: The truth about Ferguson & More (though I am personally rather sick of hearing about Ferguson)

In the chaos of the collapse of the American Empire it is easy to lose track of the extraordinary number of disturbing events that pop up out of the quantum vacuum. Like the stars that become visible

The Hell That is the Obama White House | RedState–short and excellent read by David Horowitz

Let me begin by acknowledging that this inspirational title is lifted from a tweet by screen actor James Woods. And now I will explicate his tweet. Every sentient human being whose brain isn’t stuff

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