Gates & UN Control It All! Billions in Taxpayer Dollars–The Corruption Driven By Greed, Power & The Globalist Agenda Knows No Bounds

Corey’s work is an extraordinary in-depth research on hundreds of billions of dollars, many of them American tax dollars that are at play supporting the plans of the uber elites and the corrupt and evil monsters that seek to control the world and everything the lives upon it.  Long, but genuinely revealing of the true... View Article

Fear is the Ultimate Tool for the Destruction of Liberty–there will be fear

In June 2014, the Department of Justice (DOJ) announced the reestablishment of its Domestic Terrorism Executive Committee, which had been defunct for several years. The committee includes DOJ leaders

US official: Military has been asked to send more troops to Iraq – Stars & Stripes/ Gen. Allen “Destroy IS Now” Defense One

There are already “boots on the ground”, there will be more. The State Department has asked the Pentagon to send additional troops to Iraq, according to a U.S. official. The official, who

A Pound of White Flesh & Whittle at His Best–must watch video

I am white and I feel no guilt. But, anger yes. Anger at a governmental system created to convert the formerly republican black American voter into the permanent hands of the democratic, liberal fasci

The Obama Dark Age | Armstrong Economics

The arrogant President Obama suggested in an interview published in the New York Times on Saturday that you need to be a lawyer to understand the U.S. Constitution. This is precisely what I mean about

How Democrat Corruption Could Tip a Presidential Election – Eagle Rising

The fraud in November will be beyond anything this country has experienced, perhaps since the post Civil war reconstruction in the South. Eric Holder’s DOJ will do nothing to prevent it and do

CDC Whistleblower – watch the video–

Outrage? What happened to the people of this nation? What have we allowed ourselves to become? [gview file=”

It’s Not Obama’s Fault… He Was Too Busy Golfing. –

The President is back at Martha’s Vineyard… I know. To some of us, it felt like he never left. Heck, on some level, a lot of us wish he never would leave there. But, he is back; after a brief 48 h

David Cameron cuts holiday short after US reporter ‘killed by British jihadi’ | The Times

 Obama blasts terrorists, returns to golf President Obama lashed out on Wednesday at the terrorists who beheaded a US journalist and pledged to stop the militants — and then he darted off to a M

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