20% Unemployment Coming, At Least. A World That Will Never Be The Same… And, Unfortunately, More “Unexpected” (only for the masses) Events Yet To Come. 2020 is the New 1618!

Of course, unemployment is going to hit depression levels and more rapidly than ever in history…ever. This should be obvious to all over the past few weeks as our government and those around the world impose the most draconian human control laws, orders and procedures ever experienced. Yes, humanity will recover. However, our nation, our... View Article

CDC Whistleblower – watch the video–

Outrage? What happened to the people of this nation? What have we allowed ourselves to become? [gview file=”https://troutinmilk.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/08/Whistleblower_Names_CDC_Scientists_

It’s Not Obama’s Fault… He Was Too Busy Golfing. –

The President is back at Martha’s Vineyard… I know. To some of us, it felt like he never left. Heck, on some level, a lot of us wish he never would leave there. But, he is back; after a brief 48 h

David Cameron cuts holiday short after US reporter ‘killed by British jihadi’ | The Times

 Obama blasts terrorists, returns to golf President Obama lashed out on Wednesday at the terrorists who beheaded a US journalist and pledged to stop the militants — and then he darted off to a M

I am Mad as Hell and Can’t Take it Anymore!

Occasionally, I am absent from posting because I am caught in the web of some brilliant book that, unfortunately for my mental health,  is likely to be delving into realities of our world and its his

Inspectors General: Obama Administration Obstructing Justice–WHY??

As I have mentioned in the past, it is hard to believe that the pervasive, almost totally ubiquitous corruption of the entire Obama administration, from the Oval office, the DOJ to practically every s

Barack Obama’s Coming Martial Law – / Possible? Absolutely–watch all of these videos–

In declining to hear the case of Hedges v Obama and declining to review the NDAA, the Supreme Court has turned its back on precedent dating back to the Civil War era that holds that the military canno

Bush: We Don’t Torture People –

If you listen to anything here, listen to the last video presentation by Alfred McCoy, no matter how unpleasant it may be to do so. Surprise, our leaders lie. America has either directly tortured or t

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