Preparing for the Unknown Unknowns by Lucy P. Marcus – Project Syndicate

Timely and excellent short read–a great read to start or finish the day, of course, depending on where you are reading this, it is a terrific read at any time of the day or night for that matter!

In perilous times, when the emergence, timing, and diffusion of risks can have a paralyzing effect, what matters is not simply what we accomplish, but how we accomplish it. In such times, the value we create cannot be measured only in terms of money. More important is how much stronger, more capable, and more resilient we help our colleagues, partners, children, and fellow citizens become. Perhaps the main risk this year – and in the decade ahead – is that we lose sight of this fundamental truth.

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via Preparing for the Unknown Unknowns by Lucy P. Marcus – Project Syndicate.

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