Progressive Fabulation— Uncontrollable Insanity as the Deep State Panics

               Le besoin d’affabulation, c’est toujours un enfant qui refuse de grandir. 

               “The need to fabulate is just a child who refuses to grow up” 

    ==French novelist Romain Gary

The reaction of sophisticated elites, when confronted by their own failure to lead society, is almost invariably the same. They set about building a wall between themselves and reality by creating an artificial sense of well-being on the inside. The French aristocracy, gentry and business leadership were never more satisfied with themselves than in the few decades before their collapse during the French Revolution. The elites of the late Roman Empire were in constant expansion and filled with a sense of their own importance, as emperor after emperor was assassinated and provinces were lost.

==The Unconscious Civilization (Saul, John Ralston)

The panic of the desperate power elites across DC is so thick over the city it hangs like the summer stench of the former swamp that the city was built upon; a panic palpably visceral throughout the Deep State controlled corporate centers of crumbling power, the worshipers of Baphomet and the Satanic Clinton cult. The rising level of insanity, of vitriol and bile spewing forth from the threatened establishment, whose corruptions and disgustingly heinous depravity will soon be visible to all who still have eyes to see, is directly proportional to their levels of fear! It has zero, nada, nothing, less than nothing to do with ideology. They cannot lose control over their thoroughly corrupted coven as they are very much aware that death or, at the very least, life in prison awaits their maggot-filled, human forms. As I have said for many years, they will fight to the bitter end no matter how deadly, no matter how many are taken with them. We can not lose this final battle as America and the entire world may never get another chance, never. 

Yesterday, there were videos available on YouTube clearly showing that this whole event was a disgusting set-up to ambush Judge Kavanaugh. It has been removed and if you try and search for it all you will find are the progressive fascists hit pieces attacking the Judge for purposefully disrespecting the father of one of the Parkland shooting victims. Is it any wonder that the above-the-law, Orwellian pigs at Google did not deign to show at the various hearings on their absolutely clear censorship of those opinions and videos that destroy the mainstream, Deep State, panicked efforts to derail all that oppose them? 

“Brett Kavanaugh appears to ‘turn his back’ on father who lost his daughter in Parkland shooting” This was a deliberate ploy on Guttenberg’s part in order to stage a photo op scene. The atmosphere there was chaotic, Kavanaugh was caught off guard.

Democrats Manufacture “Gun Control” Propaganda Moment During Kavanaugh Hearing… | The Last Refuge

Feinstein is almost as corrupt as the rest of the gang, but pails compared to the Clinton/Obama/Soros/CIA Cabal. She and her husband have been bought for hundreds of millions of dollars by the Communist Chinese–all will be revealed, all will be in prison or “suicided” by their own evil partners. She will go down with the ship; the ship filled with rats, traitors and pedophiles.

Anti-Trump Sen. Dianne Feinstein Arranged for Parkland Victim’s Father to Ambush Judge Kavanaugh

BUSTED: Anti-Trump Sen. Dianne Feinstein Arranged for Parkland Victim’s Father to Ambush Judge Kavanaugh

Liberals Lie About Brett Kavanaugh Snubbing School Shooting Victims Dad

I can not recommend enough, every single patriot, every single American who wishes to be awake to the realities of what is unfolding…X22 Report Is a daily update on the battle and an excellent analysis of Q.

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