Scott Presler ranted in San Francisco today It was absolutely epic–overwhelmed by disgusting streets, shit, needles and zombified liberals

While Greta Thunberg talks about cleaning the planet, Scott Presler is out there doing it. While Nancy Pelosi asks the people of San Francisco to keep voting for her as they’ve done for decades, Scott Presler is making the streets of her home district cleaner. And when Democrats rant in their echo chambers from the comfort of their homes, Scott Presler took his rant to the unfriendly streets of San Francisco to explain why he’s voting for President Donald J. Trump in November.

During one of his famous cleanup sessions on the streets of America’s filthiest cities, in this case, San Francisco, the conservative activist was approached by a young woman who became very aggressive towards him. Instead of backing down, as so many people would do in that situation, Presler took the time to tell her and everyone else who would listen that he is voting for President Trump. More importantly, he explained why he was voting this way.

“Why are illegal immigrants more important than Americans?” he asked to a gathering crowd. “I’d like to hear an answer.”

Some people recorded the video, apparently in hopes that it would make for good leftist fodder on YouTube. But Presler didn’t go silent. In fact, he encouraged it to get posted and to go viral because his message is an important perspective to hear. All-too-often we hear of reasons to despise the President as mainstream media has their propaganda machines set to max volume, 24-7. It’s refreshing to hear a perspective from a man literally on the streets, a man who knows more than most about the streets of progressive American cities.

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