Secret TPP Negotiations Are a Betrayal of What America Should Stand For | ( Wrong, What America once Stood For)

Obama-Monsanto-pulling-puppet-strings (1)At the founding of our nation, our founders established a set of ideals and rights which should be maintained by our government. Our Constitution was designed to ensure no faction could gain control of our government through a system of checks and balances. This system of divided government has stood for over two centuries and has been a constant guard to our freedoms.

Before our leaders lies the makings of an agreement which would be the next step to the overthrow of our sovereignty. The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) is a “free trade” would continue to strip away the rights of the people and remove our government’s ability to oversee its own affairs. It would hand more power to multinational corporate interests while stripping manufacturing jobs and regulations from our economy.

The TPP is about far more than trade; of the 29 sections only 5 have to do with trade. The rest would impact a broad range of categories from intellectual property rights to food safety. When enacted, this agreement would become part of our law, making vast changes to the laws of our land. It would also give foreign companies the right to sue our government in international court if our regulations affect their profits through the investor-state resolution system.

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