SYRIZA Heads Towards a Majority in Greece as Elections Approach–Chaos is exactly what the elites wish-step 2 on the path to global control

Alexis Tsipras asked supporters for a clear mandate to enable him to end the country’s austerity policies. He repeated his promise to have half of Greece’s international debt written off when the current bailout deal ends. Greece has endured deep budget cuts tied to the massive bailout. Sunday’s election is being closely watched by financial markets which fear that a Syriza victory could lead Greece to default on its debt and exit from the euro. “On Monday, national humiliation will be over. We will finish with orders from abroad,” Mr Tsipras told thousands of cheering supporters at the party’s final election rally in Athens.

“We are asking for a first chance for Syriza. It might be the last chance for Greece.”

The BBC’s Mark Lowen says many Greeks are prepared to give Mr Tsipras a chance, believing life cannot get any worse.

Greece has gone through a deep recession and still has a quarter of its workforce unemployed.

via BBC News – Greek elections: Syriza asks voters to end ‘humiliation’.

A Radical Leftist’s Interpretation of the Movement–Whatever the message, there is no way that Greece can make it within the EU fiscal constraints and there is no way that they can make it on this platform–there will be chaos. A massively progressive government will not be allowed to last–the Gladio Armies I have no doubts are preparing to do what they have done best over the post WWII period in Greece, as well as everywhere in Europe.  

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