The Biggest Loser in Trump’s High-stakes Jerusalem Embassy Decision–Netanyahu

Interesting analysis, perhaps proving once again how under the waterline reality seems to sit.

It was a trap all along, and Netanyahu could not help but fall in. In the end, the blood that will surely be spilled will not be on Trump’s hands, but on Netanyahu’s, and just the way Trump wanted it all along


It was a trap all along, and Benjamin Netanyahu could not help but fall in.

The fact that it was a snare partly of his own making – the trap inherent in any White House decision to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital – only makes Netanyahu’s predicament that much worse:

Whatever decision Donald Trump makes this week, Benjamin Netanyahu stands to be the big loser.

If Trump had gone ahead and actually made good on repeated campaign promises to move America’s embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, Netanyahu knew better than anyone that what might have seemed the attainment of a dream for Israel, could very quickly have become the prime minister’s worst nightmare.

In fact, there are indications that Netanyahu, taking into account the advice of his own security and military establishment, actually wanted to see the president waive the embassy move and let the matter slide for the next six months. This, despite the fact that the prime minister, goaded by hard-right domestic and foreign-donor considerations, is firmly on record as urging the move.

It was clear to Netanyahu that if Trump green-lighted the embassy move,  the consequences could be disastrous, ranging from igniting a new Palestinian uprising in Jerusalem and the territories, to full out regional war. Were that to have happened, Netanyahu, as the vocal lobbyist for the move, would surely be blamed.

The Biggest Loser in Trumps High-stakes Jerusalem Embassy decision Netanyahu

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