The Empire Is Coming Down –Paul Craig Roberts

Straus’s Law of Hubris: The magnitude and duration of the period of hubris is ultimately matched by the magnitude and duration of the fall from grace.

America, in whatever shape or of what national borders, has under this Iron Law at least 60 and more likely over 100 years of turbulence and decline ahead of it. Unpleasant, but inevitable. 

Alone among the governments in the world, Washington requires sovereign governments to follow Washington’s laws even when Washington’s laws contradict the laws of sovereign countries.

The examples are endless. For example, Washington forced Switzerland to violate and to repeal Switzerland’s historic bank secrecy laws. Washington executes citizens of other countries, as well as its own citizens, without due process of law. Washington violates the sovereignty of other countries and murders the countries’ citizens with drones, bombs, and special forces teams. Washington kidnaps abroad citizens of other countries and either brings them to the US to be tried under US law or sends them to another country to be tortured in secret torture centers. Washington tells banks in other countries with whom they can do business and when the banks disobey, Washington blackmails them into compliance or imposes fines that threaten their existence. Last week Washington forced a French bank to pay Washington $9 billion dollars or be banned from its US operations, because the bank financed trade with countries disapproved by Washington.

[gview file=”’s-Arrogance-Will-Destroy-Its-Empire-Paul-Craig-Roberts-PaulCraigRoberts.orgPaulCraigRoberts.pdf”]

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