The past was erased, the erasure was forgotten, the lie became the truth–Orwell and the motto of the New York Times

God, help us for what we, the American Sheeple are about to be forced to endure from the MSM and the delusional, warped, lying propaganda of the New York Times. It will become unbearable for anyone who thinks for themselves, or even thinks they think for themselves and any remote, objective fashion. Are we all so stupid, brainwashed and malleable that we will succumb to the Orwellian attempt to destroy the past and refurbish Hillary into the straight shooter, honest, God like woman that America needs? 

In Prelude to 2016, Anti-Clinton Groups Are Just Beginning –

First, she was called the bra-burning feminist with a degree from Wellesley. Then, she was the aggressively political spouse from Arkansas who plotted behind closed doors. Today, she is the millionaire elitist who socializes in New York and the Hamptons.

Few modern political figures inspire the animus that Hillary Rodham Clinton generates, and the cottage industry that opposes her never really goes out of business. But as Mrs. Clinton prepares for a likely presidential campaign in 2016, the sprawling network is evolving to attack her on new grounds.

There are “super PACs” with names like Women Against Hillary, Just Say No to Hillary, Stop Hillary and Defeat Hillary. The Republican National Committee recently introduced, which mocks Mrs. Clinton’s wealth.

While all politicians endure scrutiny and efforts by the other side to define them, the attacks on Mrs. Clinton often take on a personal tone, which her defenders say is driven by an electorate still coming to terms with the possibility of a female president. ( The Times thinks we are beyond stupid, unfortunately most of America is so inclined!)

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via In Prelude to 2016, Anti-Clinton Groups Are Just Beginning –

The Clinton’s are criminals–they have been criminals for over 30 years, perhaps since birth. Hillary, however, is just plan evil–bordering on possessed. Or, of course, it may simply be that she is always and perpetually Sleep Deprived!

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