The risks of central banks’ radical treatments –

Total baloney! In a world dominated by financial engineering and ruled by finance capital chasing its own tail monetary policy serves only one rather small minority, those that benefit from the stock market. Capital spending on real investment has collapsed, but this is trend that has been in force since the 1980’s, but since the central bank response to the financial panic of 08-09, monetary policy has made the gap between productive investment and the financial engineering of markets bordering on the absurd. 

Have we reached the limits of monetary policy? No. The central bank’s medicine cabinet is still full. Yet using the old treatments more aggressively or using altogether new treatments creates political, financial and economic risks. Worse, such action cannot solve some of the bigger difficulties the high-income economies confront. In an ideal world, therefore, monetary policy, should not remain “the only game in town”, as the title of a book by the economist and investment manager Mohamed El-Erian suggests it now is. Unfortunately, we do not live in an ideal world. In the real world, central banks must remain our doctors of choice.

-The risks of central banks radical treatments

Source: The risks of central banks’ radical treatments –

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