The Rutherford Institute :: U.S. Supreme Court Refuses to Protect Right of Students to Wear American Flag T-Shirt to School, Affirms Ruling That Patriotic Garments Are Disruptive


I find this decision of the Supreme Court more than disquieting… What rights are left to us now except the rights that the system has programmed us to find comfort in? The right to licentiousness, the right to unlimited entertainments, the right to live off of the State and the absolute right to Obey. When all “rights” are derived from the largess of the State, including those pertaining to our own bodies, our own thoughts, we are nothing but slaves.  Inalienable rights–there are none in the new Fascist America. 

WASHINGTON, D.C —The U.S. Supreme Court has refused to hear a case in which California public school students were prohibited from wearing American flag t-shirts to school, allegedly out of a fear that it might be disruptive. In refusing to hear the appeal without giving any reason for the decision, the Supreme Court lets stand a lower court ruling that upheld the ban out a concern for school safety. The Rutherford Institute had asked the Supreme Court to hear the case of Dariano v. Morgan Hill, in which several students were ordered by school officials to cover up their American flag t-shirts on May 5, 2010, allegedly because officials feared that it might offend other students who were celebrating the Mexican holiday Cinco de Mayo.

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via The Rutherford Institute :: U.S. Supreme Court Refuses to Protect Right of Students to Wear American Flag T-Shirt to School, Affirms Ruling That Patriotic Garments Are Disruptive.

Courts’ Role in Nazi Germany Discussed at Supreme Court Lecture Series

A United States Holocaust Memorial Museum historian told an audience today at the Supreme Court of Ohio that pre-World War II German courts set the stage for Nazi atrocities by falling for promises of restoring order, professionalism and judges’ authority.

Presented by Dr. William Meinecke, the fourth Forum on the Law lecture on “How the Courts Failed Germany” was sponsored by the Supreme Court, the Columbus Jewish Federation, the Ohio Jewish Communities and the Ohio Judicial Center Foundation.

As a recognized authority on the role of German courts during the period leading up to and during Adolf Hitler’s regime, Dr. Meinecke explained that judges and lawyers saw the Nazis as the lesser of two evils compared to the Communists, a belief that Hitler exploited.

“It’s clear that these professions failed … and that they contributed substantially to the Holocaust,” Meineke said.

Meinecke said the role of judges was critical to the Nazis’ rise to power because they needed the judges’ blessing to stabilize the judicial system, which led to its legitimacy. 

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