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518251652_3_570_411Let’s start with what we know. Bowe R. Bergdahl was a Private First Class (PFC) in the 1st Battalion of the 501st Infantry Regiment in 2009.  In May of that year Bergdahl’s unit deployed to Afghanistan, and he was assigned to an outpost called Mest-Malek.  On the night of June 30, 2009, Bergdahl, without authorization of any kind from anyone, left his place of duty and wandered off into the countryside surrounding the outpost.  He left behind his weapon, his body armor and a note saying he had become disillusioned with the Army.

At some point thereafter Bergdahl ended up under the control of the Taliban.  He remained under their control for a period of five years.  He was returned to the United States in May of 2014 when he was exchanged for five senior Taliban commanders.  He is still on active duty and is now assigned to an Army post in Texas.

We know all this because of White House press releases, comments by Bergdahl’s parents and the comments of Bergdahl’s fellow solders who have talked at length to the press and branded him a deserter.  We also have the official findings of a US Army investigation, conducted in 2010, that concluded that Bergdahl had simply walked away from his post and vanished.  No evidence of any kind exists from any of these sources to suggest that Bergdahl was captured and forcibly abducted or in any other fashion forced to leave his post contrary to his free will.

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