The Story of Q and the Second American Revolution

I have been following Q since it’s earliest appearance and have mentioned the phenomenon on this blog shortly thereafter. I must admit, primarily due to a natural impatience, that there have been times when I felt waves of doubt about the veracity of Q and the related movement, and it is a movement, a global one with far-reaching effect. However, these doubts dissipated quickly from the continued confirmation of Q by the unfolding of events predicted. Although, being aware of the extraordinary depths and breadth of the evil that has metastasized into ever corner of this nation and throughout the West and the hundreds, if not thousands, of years of the Great Plan’s insidious eroison of all that is good, moral and rightous in our civilization, impatience, though understandable, is clearly not how those of us who have been awoken to reality will win the Manichean war that faces not only American, but all of humanity.

If you have followed this blog for some time, you will know that I believe that the sickness and evil that is attempting to take over this nation and the world, is beyond most peoples ability to comprehend and thus they reject it all an absurd “conspiracy theory.” Let me state again, there is a reality out there that most of us, and yes, this icludes myself, cannot remotely comprehend and that even if we could most of us would reject this knowledge for it would totally destroy our preconceived, indoctrinated from birth world construct, a pyschological perspective that supports about as much of a true comprehension of reality as an ant has of planet earth.

We little humans actual perceive less than .003% of the real world around us. Our planet, relative to the known universe, a unviverse that only a few decades ago was thought to be comprised of only one galaxy, the Milky Way, is one blillionth of the size of a pinhead. We know virtually nothing. Though, I am sure you find it hard, if not impossible to believe, humanity, primarily for those living in the ‘West” is ruled by Satanic Pedophiles, Pedovores and pyschopathic murderers and war criminals. Their crimes transcend every one of the labels being thrown about by the mainstream “awokened”, more than treason, sedition and other such offenses. As such, there is more here at stake than prison, what is at risk for these Satanic, evil monsters. what is at risk are thousands of years of the planned takeover over of the worldand the enslavement of humanity–the ones that are still allowed to walk the earth.

They will not go quietly into the night. No, they will rage, rage against the light. They will fight until their blackened, maggot encrusted hearts are ripped, still beating, from their fetid chests and shown still beating to the world. We must have the truth no matter how sick it makes us, for this is the only way to save us. As was once said long ago, “the truth will set you free.”


Who is QAnon? An Introduction to the QAnon Phenomenon #QAnon #GreatAwakening – Neon Revolt

This is what I wrote in a post back on 12/06/17.

I was wrong about Mueller, but a great deal of what is included has turned out to be correct. By the way, there are now over 100,000 sealed indictments in Federal Courts across the nation. You can go to the regional Federal Courts and see these for yourself. NEVER, EVER has there been remotely close to this number of sealed indictments. If this does not give you a sense that something very, very big is going on in America, what the hell will?

Q-Anon Is Dead On. A New Dawn Is Coming To America (Only If America Is Not Manipulated into an Israeli/Middle East War)

It has all been a well planned Kabuki Dance to lull the opposition and entrap the mainstream Corporate Media in a web of lies and deceit. The game is now accelerating to the point where the thousands of still sealed Federal Indictments will be served. It will likely take military action to enforce and prosecute. Be prepared.  Lady Justice carries a sword for a reason, and it will soon be unleashed. 

McMaster Works For Soros.

Mueller is part of the solution, despite appearances–see previous posts. He is in on the game as he has been aware from the start the game was over for the generational cabal of globalist, treasonous pedophiles.

Admiral Mike Rogers. the head of the NSA is leading the covert efforts to destroy the Clinton, Obama, Soros, Deep State coup and take down all of the perps–in Congress and throughout the nation. 

President Trump, Mike Pompeo, Admiral Rogers, Sessions, Flynn and yes, Mueller are leading the charge–the Marines, Navy (Naval Intelligence), Airforce, and hopefully, the Army will defend the Constitution and the President.

We are only scratching a tiny surface of the corruption in the FBI & CIA, both of which comprise the most powerful crime syndicate in the world–a syndicate that has led to the death of millions from wars, illegal drugs, organ harvesting, child sex trafficking and pedophile murder and only God knows what else.

The Clinton Crime Family Is Going To Prison for so many crimes that if we were the banana republic these monsters were driving this nation to become, would result in a public hanging.

Obama, who should be arrested the first second his dandy toes hit the tarmac on American soil and charged under the Logan Act, treason, subversion, illegal surveillance of American citizens, obstruction of justice on many fronts, lying to the American people and Congress, and yes, very likely either direct pedophilia or collusion with covering up for the Washington pedophile network on both sides of the political spectrum. 

There has been extraordinary journalism going on for all to see if they had eyes unblinded by the truth. It is, all coming from independent journalists except for the increasingly strident voices of a number of brave souls at FOX News such as Hannity, Carlson, and Ingrahm. The truth over the Clinton’s including their child sex trafficking and illegal organ harvesting, their murders, pedophilia and the rampant, almost brazen corruption of the Clinton Foundation and all associated with it will come out over the coming months and year, as will their clear treasons against America.

The truth about the mass murder orchestrated by the Cabal and their rogue elements in senior management positions in the CIA, FBI and Homeland Security-all of the Obama holdovers, in Las Vegas will also come out as the massive and very life-threatening research of many independent journalists has revealed a very sordid, earth-shattering plot, which is now being taken up by Tucker Carlson at FOX.  

I am sure most of you have not followed the threads on Twitter of Q-Anon and others that clearly are operating on the inside of the anti-cabal Trump led countercoup but, I have below enclosed a number of sources and must read and watch materials that will give, at the very least, superficial insights. I will be coming out with much more as time permits. As I have said for a number of years now, there is only one way to make America Great Again and that is to let the truth reign and justice finally be served, no matter how ugly, stomach-turning and horrendous it all will be. Justice for all the lives lost over the past 70 years for causes of pure evil not remotely humanitarian or democratizing, both of brave Americans in uniform, those that wished to stand against the Cabal from JFK on, those that died getting too close to the Clinton’s as well as the millions of lives this nation unjustly murdered in foreign lands, justice for the millions of innocent children around the world enslaved and used as discardable objects to satiate the sexual blood lust of the Satanic pedophiles in an epidemic that will, when the world is made aware, drive a rebirth of religion, morality and higher purpose in America and around the globe. 

Is there a risk? you’re damn right there is! The greatest risk is unfolding right now and that is the Cabals need for war. It will not be on the Korean Peninsula, it will be in the Middle East and initiated by Israel who is right now goading was with Iran, Syria, and Russia. I do not think any of these will take the bate, however. Yet the risk is still very high. Higher, for sure, now that Trump may have fallen into the neocon/Isreali/ Cabal’s trap of their ultimate wet dream: Total War in the Middle East over the location of the stupid damn embassy. 

Anyone remotely aware of the world around them, unless fully lobotomized by the most powerful propaganda machinery ever created, cannot deny that the wheels are coming off the Cabal’s attempts to destroy America, our democracy, our President, our freedoms and very likely, many of our lives.  Please pay attention. Please be prepared for anything, including civil war here on our soil. There is one more very real risk, and it is a risk that seems all but totally inevitable to be played out; economic turmoil and market collapse. The reason the dominoes of the Cabal must all fall now is that it will become increasingly harder to accomplish during an economic crisis where the demagoguery of the progressive/socialist/pedophiles will become strident against the truth being revealed. This is why everything is going to happen sooner, rather than later. It must.

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