The Ultimate ‘Obama Doesn’t Do Photo-Ops’ Video Blows Up This Absurd Claim in Just 66 Seconds– The Proctologists Smile

This insanity must stop! How can the remaining obtuse, willfully blind, absurdly ignorant and mind numbing  irrational American left and Obamabots still support this total treasonous farce of a President? It boggles the mind. 

America is bending over and grabbing its ankles while this Doctor Jelly Finger performs a very likely joyous and much photographed opportunity to give us a rectal exam, over and over again. How long can we take this? Why are we not angrier? Perhaps our nation has just given up.

We have let our national sovereignty be violated and we are now asked to pay for it by creating another bureaucratic boondoggle of government waste. We are told to call upon our national empathy for the children of a people we helped terrorize over the past 100 years, because it serves a political purpose only, but we were never asked for empathy over the children we helped murder in Iraq and other American state beneficiaries of our massively destructive empire? Is there no continuity to the American mind?

We must return as a nation to our roots, our founding principles based on the enlightenment philosophies of dead, Western, predominantly white males and Judeo-Christian foundations. I am not being racist, our national core beliefs have made enormous strides in many areas that are inclusive of all mankind based, however, on the same principles of our founders, but without the restraints of the economic, social and political prejudices and conflicts of their time. Truth is not relative, justice is not relative, the rule of law must be blind, but inviolate and our national sovereignty and our national heritage must not be trampled upon by this President or any other. We need to become one Nation Under God and we must defend our inalienable rights and freedoms as individuals and as Americans. This insanity and national abuse must stop!

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