This Mother Is Asking Tough Questions About Black-On-Black Crime…And It’s Deeply Personal


I despise racism with every moral fiber in my body and soul. To be blind to status, race, wealth and to treat every human being with the respect they deserve is of personal highest importance. But, if they deserve little respect, based on their actions and words, such is how they should be treated, but never, ever on the color of their skin or the position in life they hold in work, society, on the Red Carpet or in the gutter. These manipulators of fears, billows of racial division do not deserve my respect. The sadness in my heart for the destruction of the black family over the past several generations due to the liberal/progressive vote getting schemes of welfare, high-rise crime infested tenements and morally undermining coddling is deep.

The total disregard for the many thousands of bereft families in America, whose loss of children due to the long standing epidemic of black on black crime, by these sycophants of media attention and self-congratulatory narcissism should be recognized for what it is, perhaps someday it will be. In the meantime, the stories like the one below will continue and the sadness of the universe just becomes heavier. Someday, someday we will, indeed, overcome. 

This Mother Is Asking Tough Questions About Black-On-Black Crime…And It’s Deeply Personal.

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