Timothy von Malaprop–!! Decent, to Descent to Dissent all in one day!!

TFTRR9Yes, one might easily conclude that I am the great, great grandson of the that fabulous lady Mrs. Malaprop, whose “malapropisms” were joyfully found in the Richard Brinsley Sheridan comedy The Rivals ! Perhaps, it is true. However, please forgive me my descent into a decent state of total subhuman intelligence and apparent brain atrophy. But more than likely we can just chalk it up to a combination of Monday morning depressions, a serious case of ADD and a slight dyslexia and an overarching feeling of impending socioeconomic and financial collapse combined with a deflated sense of joy over the New England Patriots very possible cheating in the big game last evening!!! Are we to be allowed no respite from the corruption and loss of the heroic in America?

For patient readers of my missives and blurbs, I ask your kind indulgence for my clearly prematurely atrophying brain as I peer forlornly into my dotage! I can only assure you all that such mistakes will most definitely occur repeatedly!

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