Trump Is 100% Correct-Hillary Is Owned By Transnational Corporations-Period

Hillary will vote for all of Obama’s trade deals within the first year if she is elected to the Presidency. What astounds me, though is how liberals can support a candidate that is massively funded by every corporation that they have said that they despise, but this is so symptomatic of the totally surreal hypocrisy and irrationality of the Hillary supporters. How can anyone who opposes the criminality of Monsanto and other chemical companies poisoning our lands and our children and who so clearly have bought protection in Congress and now with Hillary?

How can these brainwashed liberals vote for a woman who has received 10’s of millions from every criminal financial institution on Wall Street and the elites that are still managing the same companies that intentionally destroyed the savings of most of the middle class? And were not those who professed liberal and progressive credentials opposed to the wars of the American Empire?

hill-corpHow then, in the name of whatever these lobotomized Americans believe in, can they support a woman who has helped to destroy a good portion of the Middle East, murdering and sowing chaos wherever her evil footprint strayed? Which, of course follows in the military boot heels formerly filled by her husband, whose blood letting in the Balkans was based on lies and fictions in order to set the American Empire’s military presence firmly upon the bombed out nations, where the remain to this day. All the while opening up the trade route for the massive and very profitable Afghanistan heroin trade which is protected by American troops and has led to the deaths of thousands of young American lives and many more in Europe. Where are the real liberals in America? They have gone to their graves, I am afraid. What we are left with are small minded fascist progressives who wish to be part of the movement to control the world no matter how many millions suffer, no many how many millions die.


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