Turkish Army shooting Kurdish civilians protesting to escape ISIS – Allies?

The Turkish army is seen shooting civilian Syrian Kurdish Protesters who are trying to flee ISIS to safety, at the borders between Syrian Qamishlo and Turkish Nusaybin. How about that for Nato allies?! Countries like Sweden demand that Turkey’s entry into the EU, with open border policies, must be speeded up soonest possible. The clip was filmed on a cellphone around October 8 or 9, 2014.

Yazidi girl tells harrowing story about IS capture, and brave escape | Al Bawaba

A 15-year-old girl has revealed how she escaped Isis militants by drugging and shooting two husbands who bought her as a slave.

The teenager, who has been kept anonymous to protect her family, was one of hundreds of women from the Yazidi sect who extremists kidnapped after overrunning their homes on Iraq’s Mount Sinjar.

The women and girls were trafficked to Isis strongholds, where survivors say many were raped. The captives were said to include girls as young as five.

First, she said, she and other girls were taken to the nearby town of Tal Afar, where she was kept in the Badosh Prison until U.S. air strikes began.

The militants then moved her and many other girls to the city of Mosul, the biggest Isis stronghold in Iraq, before moving them again to a house in the militants’ Syrian garrison of Raqqa.

‘They took girls to Syria to sell them,’ she said, her body hunched over as she spoke.

‘I was sold in Syria. I stayed about five days with my two sisters, then one of my sisters was sold and taken (back) to Mosul, and I remained in Syria.’

In Raqqa, she said, she was married off to a Palestinian man – who she shot after obtaining a gun from the man’s aggrieved housekeeper.

via Yazidi girl tells harrowing story about IS capture, and brave escape | Al Bawaba.

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