US Could Fund Neo-Nazis After Congress Removes Ban

Ask yourself this, how would America respond if Russia orchestrated a coup in Canada, utilizing their directly funded right-wing neo-Nazi shock troops to effect the removal of a democratically elected government and inducted the nation into their military alliance? How about conducting joint Russian-Canadian military exercises close to the American/Canadian border, would this cause you to generate enough outrage to perhaps retake Nova Scotia? How would America respond if this nation had been invaded over and over again through generations and Russia placed troops and missiles in Canada, Mexico and Cuba for the purpose of “prevention” of America’s natural aggressive instincts?  

The whole damn debate is so surreal that is boggles the mind. How stupid, how brainwashed and ignorant has this nation become. I suppose all we have to do is listen to Jesse Waters or Mark Dice Youtube interviews to realize we are ignorant beyond the absurd! But let’s go to war with Russia because they should love us as we do. 

The move came after an Azov battalion member told the Daily Beast about his battalion’s “experience with U.S. trainers and U.S. volunteers … even mentioning U.S. volunteer engineers and medics that are still currently assisting them.”

Totally astounding, but if anyone has actually bothered to read the excellent books on America’s Operation Gladio, the murderous terrorist army’s funded, trained and directed by the CIA and NATO would not be surprised by this. Neo-Nazis are US.

US Could Fund Neo-Nazis After Congress Removes Ban

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