VACCINE QUACKERY BOMBSHELL: Key studies cited to ‘prove’ vaccines are safe were funded almost entirely by vaccine manufacturers

As more and more people, not enough by any means yet to save us, awaken to the realities of the universal corruption and pervasive fraud that is now infected most of the world, the threat to the core purveyors of this self-destructive rot, will tighten the noose of total thought control. The vaccine industry is a fraud and human lives are lost and incapacitated for profit and population control. The scientific community in practically every field is owned by the giant transnational corporations  and the federal government. No matter how honest and noble ones initial state of mind when entering upon scientific endeavours, the process of survival, both financially and academically requires the piece by piece dismemberment of objectivity, even of one’s soul. 

Money and power, wealth and control, corporations and government, these are the absolutes and they drive everything regardless of human costs. The final war is on. We win or lose, over the next few months, one very important battle in this war, however, it is war the will likely rage for the next several years. It is a war to determine if humankind can remain free or become slaves. Each awakening gives hope, but the evil arrayed against freedom and human potential is far greater and more coordinated than most can rationally imagine. 

VACCINE QUACKERY BOMBSHELL: Key studies cited to ‘prove’ vaccines are safe were funded almost entirely by vaccine manufacturers.

Are you surprised by blatant scientific fraud anymore? Every informed person in the world today knows that everything is rigged: the money system, government grants, news media, polls and elections, medicine and even science. In fact, over the last two decades, most “science” has become nothing more than a corrupt system of quackery, fraud, and corporate infiltration of the scientific establishment where “scientists” are turned into corporate prostitutes to fake whatever results produce the most profits.

And now, thanks to Brian Hooker and the Alliance for Natural Health USA, we have yet another bombshell example of the outright quackery and science fakery of the vaccine industry. What you read here will probably not surprise you, but to most people who believe the vaccine propaganda and lies of the criminal medical establishment, these realizations are nothing short of bombshells.

Scientists who are given loads of money by vaccine manufacturers just happen to conclude vaccines are always safe

In this critical review of the scientific literature on vaccines, ANH-USA and Brian Hooker carefully scrutinize the gross scientific flaws and blatant financial conflicts of interests that undermine the most commonly cited scientific studies which “prove” vaccines don’t cause autism. In a startling percentage of these studies, the “scientists” were either directly funded by vaccine manufacturers who stood to profit from vaccine safety whitewashing or served as highly paid expert witnesses to defend vaccine makers against lawsuits.

What we really see in this critical review is a systemic pattern of scientific fraud, criminal corruption and the complete abandonment of research ethics in the relentless quest to “prove” vaccines are safe (and thereby sell more of them to more vaccine victims).

-Vaccine Science is Not Settled A Critical Review of the Literature

VACCINE QUACKERY BOMBSHELL: Key studies cited to ‘prove’ vaccines are safe were funded almost entirely by vaccine manufacturers –

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