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US confidence in protection from attack lowest in over a decade

Government missed red flags on San Bernadino killers

San Bernardino killer passed three background checks to gain entry to the US

FBI admits there is no way to screen all the Syrian refugees Obama plans to accept into the US

Donald Trump calls for a temporary ban on Muslims coming the the US

Trump still winning despite Muslim backlash

Trump wins more support as petition reaches half a million signatures

Trump is right. Police say parts of Britain are no-go areas

US report warns of ISIS ability to create fake passports

Obama bows to the Saudi king

New York — Confidence in the US government to protect its citizens from militant attacks has fallen to its lowest point in more than a decade after a pair of suspected militant Islamists gunned down 14 people at a holiday party in California, a poll released on Friday found.Only 55 percent of respondents said they had “a fair amount” or “a great deal” of confidence that authorities could protect the country from further attacks, according to data collected by Gallup on Dec. 8-9, just days after the San Bernardino massacre.

The finding represents a drop of 12 percentage points since June and extends the gradual erosion in confidence that began soon after the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks by militant Islamists in New York, Washington and Pennsylvania. It is the lowest reading since Gallup began asking the question, following the 2001 attacks.The poll found that Americans have become much more fearful of future attacks, with 67 percent believing they were “very likely” or “somewhat likely.”

-US Confidence in Protection from Attack Lowest in Over a Decade

It’s not the hair.

Or the bad manners.

Or the “beautiful” wall he says he’ll build.

There’s a different, more subtle reason why the Republican establishment, donor class, political operatives, and the news media in general hate Donald Trump.

Why Trump Haters Really Hate Trump

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